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Rock County 4-H & Horse Shows

Interested in 4-H?  I'm a club leader and a Horse & Pony project county committee member.  I am also the county Horseless Horse superintendent.  Horseless Horse is a project for members who are interested in horses & want to learn, but do not have direct access to a horse.  These 4-Hers are included in all the activities of the Horse & Pony project.  Some members may be able to be paired with an approved mentor & horse to work with a live horse & possibly show at the county fair show.  Horseless Horse members can participate in educational projects at the county & state level.  For more information on Rock County 4-H click the UW Extension/Clover logo on the right.  For information on state level opportunities click the WI 4-H Horse Assoc logo.

Some students through Triple H Ranch will have the opportunity to participate in 4-H & local open horse shows.  This is on an availability (mine & the horse's) basis.  My daughter, Danielle, has had a show group of students who have successfully shown at local and state levels for the past 4 years.  This summer she will be taking an equine internship opportunity & will not be local to coach her team.   

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