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CHEWIE (Chewbakka Bahim) is a 2001 purebred arabian gelding.  There's nothing that Chewie can't do!  He is a show horse, loves trail riding, enjoys games & obstacles & does lessons & horse camp for the littlest of riders.  Chewie has helped many children "get in the ring" at a horse show for the 1st time. He is my "go to" horse for dependability & gentleness.  Chewie is very personable & likes to be with his people!  If you are in the pasture, Chewie will be by your side!

BATMAN (Bat Masterson H) is as infamous as his name!  He is a 2003 purebred Arabian gelding.  He is Mr. Personality & is very expressive with his face!  Batman is curious & playful - sometimes too much!  He is the kind of horse that is a joy & makes you laugh but also be frustrated with his stubborness!  His show career includes open, 4-H & Arabian horse shows.  He & Chloe have won 10 State 4-H Championships in all 3 disciplines - huntseat, western & saddleseat!  Currently, Batman is used for Horseless Horse in  4-H, horse camp & lessons.  He loves toting around little kids, trotting at his own pace, ears up & pretending he is a barrel race trot champ! At horse camps he enjoys picking up the props and carrying his own flag in his mouth for flag race!  


PK (TCF Psydekick) is a 2003 purebred Arabian gelding.  He is known as Mr. Grumpypants but under saddle he is a consistent & trustworthy horse for everything from lessons & camps to the show ring.  PK has had a long & successful show career across many states with State & Regional titles.  He excels at showmanship, western, hunter, equitation, trail & ranch horse.  He can usually be found sleeping next to the show ring, waiting his turn to go in. He has been a Horseless Horse project & show horse for a couple of years as well as joining the lessons & horse camps here.  PK also LOVES to get out on the trails!  


PARKER (The Russian Prince) is a 2004 purebred Arabian gelding.  He is a straight Russian bred Arabian which is different from most Arabians being of Polish or Egyptian bloodlines.  Parker is a rescue horse that I bought from a sales lot before he possibly went to slaughter.  He came to us healthy & sound with a great mind & personality!  He has been a wonderful addition to our horse family!  Parker is a patient, willing & happy horse camp member & I hope he will also be a therapeutic horse.  He needs some training yet to be used for WTC lessons as he really listens & responds to his rider.  He went to one horse show in 2022 & handled it great & I was so impressed with his positive attitude!  So very thankful that I took a chance on a rescue horse!


DAISY is brand new to us!  She is a 2011 pony that we think is a haflinger/welsh cross.  She was saved out of a sale and spent over a year at a top hunter jumper stable in Ohio and now is at home with us in Wisconsin, ready to start her life as a lesson pony, horse camp mount & magical unicorn!  Daisy also drives so I am looking forward to getting a cart for her! So far she is super sweet and gets along great as the only mare with all the geldings!

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