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Thank you so much for taking the first step toward camp registration. Below you will find camp registration forms that need to be filled out. 
Each form is a fillable PDF so please fill them out & submit.  One copy will send to Triple H Ranch & one to you for your records.  An invoice for payment will then be sent.

A).  If this is your child's FIRST camp of the year, fill out the Parent/Guardian Packet for either           *FULL Day - Summer/Holiday (button 1)

     *HALF Day - Holiday camp (button 2).

     These have ALL of the forms to register for a camp.  
B).  If your child has already attended a camp this year, then fill out:
      *Full Day - Summer/Holiday  (button 3) Camper Registration - single form

      *Half Day - Holiday (button 4) Camper Registration - single form.


***Each camp will require a new camp registration form but NOT the other forms.  Your child is NOT registered until all forms are sent and you receive an invoice. Payment can be made ONLINE or by check to Triple H Ranch mailed to address listed or dropped off.  Please note that registration is NOT live so a camp may be full & you will be notified.

(The forms in black boxes are included in the Parent/Guardian Packet & do not need to be filled out unless requested.)

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